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Release Date:2013/12/27Workplace:Hunan Province Changsha High-tech Development ZoneNumber:Several
1, responsible for the collation of information office conference room.
2, answering phone calls, receiving visitors.
3, responsible for the fax and data copy job.
4, the company responsible for the various types of documents and foreign documents collection, distribution, archive work.
Note: sounds sweet, gentle is preferred.
Release Date:2013/12/27Workplace:Hunan Province Changsha High-tech Development ZoneNumber:1
1, accounting related major, college degree or above;
2, more than 5 years work experience, 3 years working experience in the same position, accounting property company working experience is preferred;
3, serious and meticulous, dedication, hard work, have good occupation ethics;
4, the thought is agile, strong ability to accept, can the independent thinking, be good at summing up experience;
5, skilled application of financial and Office office software, have actual operator priority of Kingdee, UFIDA financial system;
6, has the good communication ability;
7, have intermediate accountant certificate, at the same time in Changsha have house property or the guarantor is preferred.
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